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Farmers Corner is proudly to be the exclusive distributor of KiwiCorp Products Ltd. product ranges. Established since 1996, KiwiCorp Products Ltd is a company carrying the unique factor of the original "Kiwi" ingenuity that devotes in providing the best quality New Zealand made products in skincare, health, confectionery and wool beddings, offering but the best of this world "inside-out"! With over 10 years of history, KiwiCorp had successfully established a strong brand image that reflects the true colour of this country. Among their famous brands which we are a proud distributor are as follows.


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Skin Care

Originating from the Southern Hemisphere, Southern Isles represents the true nature of New Zealand characteristics. Southern Isles Skin care are ranging from the purest Lanolin series to the finest Sheep Placenta extracts promoting a total care to your skin.

Health Supplement

Enzergen dietary supplement is designed for your everyday needs in today's modern lifestyle by offering the best dietary supplement products naturally made in New Zealand. Enzergen Health Products are developed and manufactured in high standard practices with GMP (good manufacturing Practise) certification.

Alpaca Series Products

Alpaca Series products