• Farmers Corner

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Our story

Farmers Corner had been involved in the tourism industry since 1984, both as an NZ product retailer and refreshment stop for hundreds of thousands of international inbound tourists. Originally we are located at the heart of Ashburton nearby the iconic Ashburton Clock Tower. However due to a growing number of daily visitors to our shop with limited street parking, we have invested substantially to our new and current location which took place on August 2004. This allows us to cater for more visitors with ease and enabled us to offer variety of services to our customers. At present, we are retail and restaurant complex located 10 minutes away from Ashburton town. We provide a one stop shop for a large collection of premium New Zealand products and specialty souvenir items. We offer refreshments and meals for international inbound tourists and locals. Our complex is spacious and situated in a tranquil atmosphere with a scenic ambience to the farmland and Southern Alps. Our domesticated Alpacas in our farm is a typical attraction to tourist wherein a close encounter with nut feeding and up-close photos with this gentle animals is definitely an unforgettable moment to their visit. We look forward for your stopover at Farmers Corner as you explore the best of New Zealand.